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Man is rational       
The stuttering therapist Dan Mogren often returned to my assertion that man is rational. At this time it was really the feeling I had of life - you are doing and come to terms with what suits yourself - and it often occurs at the unconscious level.                     

Don´t you think then that there is also an obligation? There are so many things that are associated with a stuttering therapy. As soon as one has to do with stuttering the "whole life" is on the agenda.

Just the fact that I´m sitting in front of a person named Dan Mogren committed to the difficult task of treating a stuttering person. Isn´t it rational to admit to myself that I did not manage to talk to people but that I dared to seek help. He repeats  my assertion that "Man is rational.” “What is he looking for?” I wonder. Is it an instrument to get me where he wants, or is it so bad that in my behavior are irrational elements, which he wants to get rational?

The strange thing about humans is that they adapt to almost everything. Once she is "adapted" it is good if it came to anything good. A negative adjustment can unfortunately take a lifetime to change.

Me and my vibrator                  

Probably I am the only one who massages the jaw muscles if necessary. Stuttering can be painful. It happens sometimes when I speak is that the interaction between the different muscle groups do not match. Tensions occur and become a resistance. Here I have three options - to stammer and lose control of the speech - stop and try again soft and easy - or force it's coming from the mouth like a normal speaking. Often I choose the latter one for the reason that I want both to be and feel like a normal speaking. Perhaps the most important argument is to get the correct reflexes so that I reduce the problems in the future. 

My chewing gum degrades the situation significantly. They make my jaw muscles even softer. I have talked to my dentists about the problems, but they do not seem willing to understand. I also told them that I had unusually high wear in the mouth but they blame the grinding of the teeth so that they can produce mouth guard for the night. One day, I managed to convince them. I had a temporary denture which they thought that I had squeaked a lot. Then I told them I did not have it at night so that the wear of the prosthesis came during the day. The gist of it all was that they could not produce any protection for the night.                 

If I remember correctly Dan Mogren told me about a man who was even worse than I - "he stammered,” his teeth so they broke.              

The other day I bought a new vibrator. Amazingly, I've worn out one. Who could believe that the way to a massage device could be a technical aid for a stuttering person? The trend is really ahead. My new device generates heat from nine small lights while it vibrates, which is similar to what the masseurs are taking when they want to give the best treatment they have.  

Meditation circle is closed   
Early on I realized the value of the positive impact of meditation. To and fro, I have twice a day devoted myself to this, in the morning and in the evening. Meditation technique is a TM which is an abbreviation for Transcendental Meditation. When I came from work, it felt like starting the day again without stress. This has been done regularly. The exception is when I have been engaged in some advanced therapy.         

Church Meditation             
In 2005 a new kind of meditation called Zen meditation has come into my life. Together with others we sit in church and meditate.         

A remarkable event occurred when the meditation moment was interrupted due to a funeral. Outside was the hearse with the coffin, which was put in place. We walked out of the church to a nearby cafe. Suddenly, I had landed among a collection of special people. They were very verbal. They were looking for something, they sought God, they sought the meaning of life, they sought healing, they wanted to grow as people, they knew what relationships were and they did not want others to be "codependent" - a new word for me and they followed something called the "Twelve-Step program.”

The best relaxation technique:                 
Transcendental Meditation may be number one as relaxation techniques. The reason is that there is a technique that works where ever I go. As a stutterer I maybe accumulate tension and it can be good to have access to a relaxation technique. It may not necessarily be meditation. Personally, I cannot stand the traditional relaxation exercises.



46 years                               61 years                  

What is it the pictures say? Am I young 46-year-old or am I an old one? Personally, I think the first alternative and would say it's because I devoted myself to meditation and Identity Therapy for many years. Once I stopped the therapy and my stay in the sunshine on the Spanish Costa del Sol gained momentum age began to appear.  Decide for yourself. One study shows that parts of the brain don´t age as fast among meditators as among those who don´t. It was great to read this because I have meditated for over 30 years.              


What I wrote 31 years ago is true today  
After the TM introduction I became so involved in this with meditation that I wrote an article in Plus. As a lecturer I was a member of the Nordic exchange in Finland. I was even referenced in the Swedish-speaking Huvudstabladet.             

My article from Plus - edited and shortened.                    
Is Transcendental Meditation  anything for those who stutter?          
The value of the beneficial effects of meditation I realized at an early stage. I have devoted myself to this twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Meditation technique is TM which is an abbreviation for Transcendental Meditation. Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India who died in 2008 left half a million grieving supporters. His name figured at the most when the rock group The Beatles sought his support.

After work and after a meditation it felt like starting the day again but without the stress. It was like taking a shot, the difference was that it was not poison. This natural biological schnaps has now been going on year after year.          

Transcendental Meditation I give the first place to relaxation techniques. The reason is that there is a technique that works and that I always carry with me.


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Formulärets nederkant

One thing is certain: If everyone started to meditate, society, or the world in general, would be different from today.

Those of us who meditate experience that something is happening in the body. What happens physically is oversimplified as follows: Oxygen consumption is reduced by sixteen percent during the peak period. (In a sleeping human being it  reduces by about half.) Even the metabolism, respiratory rate, blood flow, the concentration of lactate (lactic acid) in the muscles are reduced. The electrical skin resistance between two points increases significantly (high skin resistance involves mental relaxation. EEC-curves from the brain's micro-waves are different from those encountered during normal waking state.                


An overview of various studies published in the U.S. American Journal of Cardiology shows that meditation not only reduces blood pressure but also can prolong life. The studies included 202 men and women with an average age of 72 years. All had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Some were given the task to practice transcendental meditation in a group, while others practiced various relaxation techniques. Participants were followed for eight years, some for nineteen years.

Two studies found that meditation lowers the blood pressure significantly. Those who meditate have 23 percent lower risk of dying prematurely. The researchers also noted that they have 30 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and 49 percent less likely to die from cancer.

Transcendental meditation is an effective relaxation technique that provides very profound effects. It is simple and involves using a mantra, a word, without associations and that leads you in a state of deep rest and relaxation but with maintained wakefulness. You begin to "think" or "hear" your mantra. The mantra has the function to act as a means of transport "down" to the subtle levels. This is done without effort, without concentration, only through a simple automated process that we all have built within us. As easy and as natural as breathing.

The only way to find out how to do is to test the technique yourself. The technique is used morning and night and the periodic relaxation allows the nervous system gradually to release from the stress and tension.

Housecleaning in the nervous system is my personal parable. Or, as Gunnar Edman refers to a leader of relaxation technique: "When the bugs were at their worst in the old poor-Sweden one had to devote one evening a week for debugging.” Today the vermin is of the mental nature. The thousand and one small stressors, irritations swarming with influences from morning to night bite and scratch in our veins. The itch excites our breathing, disturb our digestion, eating into our emotional life.

Our mind is daily exposed to various forms of stress. We have suffered from this ever since we were born, creating blockages and tension in our nervous system. Our patterns of behavior coarsened and we are prevented from acting in a sensible way in every situation. We often take for emergency measures. The primitive reaction is to flee or fight. In the past it could be appropriate and useful. In our civilization, we certainly react but may not let it be an outlet for those primitive impulses. These reactions are those that underlie the ever increasing mental and psychosomatic diseases.      

If we are very tense or stressed, we can lie down for a while and relax. Rest is invariably in all treatment of diseases. Also for stress disorders we are recommended rest - relax, unwind.            

The most common rest we get through sleep. It has an important role to defuse stress. There are two different stages of consciousness. One is when you sleep deep and dreamless, the second is dream sleep. During the deep sleep dissolves stress and tension up and you get both physical and mental rest - they always go together. But the resolution also creates stress activity.                   

In my sleep thoughts are activated. Dreams are thoughts during sleep that were created thanks to the stress resolution. The reason is that sleep processes the thoughts that we have repressed when we are awake. When you process a lot of nasty things you dream nightmares. To sleep and to dream is a natural way to get rid of stress. We utilize all that way. And it occurs spontaneously, without us doing anything about it. But just sleep and dreams are not enough to free us completely from all the stress. We always have a lot left.

The negative effects of TM in general is usually occur in the form of anxiety, that you dream horrid dreams, or that you are reminded of the old events. That's because you have repressed many unpleasant things. A parable is that when the ice melts, the suppressed matters press and penetrate and want to get to the surface. The more the ice melts, the more you can experience and recognize of the unpleasant states that you once thought you had passed. On the other hand, the mental state gradually improves and the negative effects are experienced less than they once did before you started with TM. For most people it is the almost imperceptible.

The technique works. A person who lifts weights hundreds of times, do not necessarily believe that he will gain more muscle mass and get stronger - he gets it automatically.

Another meditation technique that I am dealing with is a meditation technique based on the Buddha.

Buddha was not God but more like us. He lived 2500 years ago and the name means "awake.” The goal is to live more in the "present.”

Zen meditation technique is a powerful method for personal development - a way to grow and thrive in a way that suits you. The meditation is based on increased awareness and presence in the present.      
Meditation leads to inner stillness and increased energy that you can take advantage of before the day's activities.     

Assistive Technology         
Stutterers aren´t immediately associated with the technical means, but it happens. A few years ago when the little tape recorders were exclusive, I got one prescribed for me. It was really a dictaphone. I tested it for some time.


THE SPEECH ACADAMY in Linköping has worked extensively with tape recorders in their therapies. Video has been tested in several stuttering associations and in intensive stuttering therapy. In Stockholm it was tested already in the 70s, as well as the DAF unit that delays the speech and which, among other things has a distracting effect has come round again. The computer age has meant that some speech therapists have the support of the computer with speech adjusted software. The treated person may be practicing for real speech and the computer corrects.                     

To train your speech with a tape recorder or a computer can be OK but in general I believe that training should be done with people. Over the years all sorts of strange devices for stutterers have arrived but after a time   they have been relegated to becoming museum pieces. Periodically they are dusted off and used again. The computer development will mean that they are becoming increasingly sophisticated.                     

Speech Easy 
Marita Rydå says: "The Speech Easy method has not removed all the stuttering, but it has increased the proportion of fluent speech and made it possible to increase the Speechspeed.” When asked if she could recommend the device to others, Marita says: “If a stutterer expects a technical gizmo to solve his problems, it is not a Speech Easy that is the answer. On the other hand if you have tested  most things of the time, worked with yourself and made it clear to you that this gadget might help you in a limited number of years and then you are back again - then you could  well test. It´s wonderful when the speech is floating on and goes faster.”
Assistive technology can be a nice job for some time - it can evoke or support the work of a stuttering treatment. My view is that stuttering therapy should primarily be directed and carried out against living persons.


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Speech service  
Speech service is for those who have speech and language difficulties. It is the Stockholm County Council who will go out with this offering to its residents. Here a stuttering person gets the help he wants for free. Before the first mission they want to meet you once or twice.


How frequented this service is in our circles I do not know, but it feels good that it exists.


Adapting to the symptoms

Several stutterers adapt to the situation and choose silence. As already mentioned above you can in school also choose to be quiet if you talk with the teacher about it, but then you live in a silent existence. Another obstacle existence is that stuttering is always present. During all the years I have been involved in the stuttering movement there has been   focus on that how much and whatever big the problem “stuttering” is, it is not a problem. When we are going to say something we should in addition to the sentence that is to be said have a number of precautions in mind of HOW it should be said.

Many stutterers indicate that it feels unsafe not to know in advance when the speech becomes strained and choppy. The stutterer is usually unaware of when it happens. His sense of time may be wrong. A long block may feel short and a short block can be felt long. Then the shame comes  trying to cover up and hide. You hope that the listener did not hear the stuttering. What can be easy for others can be difficult for you.                  

The classical methods did not measure up. There were too few people who could bring the learned and practiced methods from the treatment room to the reality outside.         

Stutter voluntarily              
Stockholm Stuttering Association came into contact with ideas from the USA and Canada by Viktor Bloch in Denmark that was to revolutionize the perception of stuttering and its treatment. With “the accepted method” everything that was called stuttering and its related problems was played down. The method was to practice in real situations. The idea was that by setting the uncontrollable stuttering with controllable stuttering a softer speech was produced, but still it was a stammering speech that flowed better than before. It proved to be a tool that was effective. Sometimes the mere thought of stuttering voluntarily presented itself as the fluent speech.          

Learn to stutter!                 
The request came from Van Riper. "Instead of that at all costs try to get rid of your stuttering you would accept it. It was realized that an important part of stuttering was cowardice and fear to reveal your stuttering. However much and for how long you work out to get rid of stuttering, there is always a risk that stuttering is found. Have we given the impression of being a normal speaker, it can create anxiety and fear at the thought that I at any time can reveal that I stutter. Fear and anxiety are keywords. It was recognized that anxiety and fear of stuttering increase the propensity to stutter. By accepting your stuttering you reduce fear and anxiety and stuttering is diminished.” It was a linchpin in their approaches. Van Riper went so far that he gave stutterers the piece of advice: Learn to stutter!

Stuttering is what stutterers do to avoid stuttering (Blood Stein 1975, p. 35-36)                     
During the Nordic Stuttering Congress in Kisa in 1970 this technology caused a sensation.      
The Finnish theater company made sure we all sang the song that's on the next page:             
To stutter is to talk with moderate speed    
To stutter is to light the amazement in the listener's eye
To stutter is healthy,
it increases the oxygenation of the brain's blood vessels and sharpens the senses.                     
To stutter is here to stay.     
To stutter is refusing to make its contribution to the perfectionism.         
To stutter is to resist the requirement that all speech should go quickly and smoothly.      
 To stutter is not to unnecessarily erode the surrounding persons´s scant amount of patience.
To stutter almost learns   to pay regard to others.

To stutter is therefore necessary.


The ways were many that made us really feel that what we did when we dropped the stuttering more free "was right.” Other types of adjustments you can read under the title: Respect Your stuttering symptoms on page 79, and Pension Solutions at p. 219.

Misunderstood accepted method             
The question is whether those who sang this song knew what they were propagating for. I interpret the song as it was only to stammer uncontrollably. Then I think the song is questionable. They have distorted the accepted method for the bearing of that was to stammer voluntarily dissolved and easily.

Acceptance of Technology Advanced Course
Intensive Stuttering Therapy NNT which stands for Normally Slowing Down Speech with modification in the end really shows what you can do with acceptance.                     

Less demanding environment

In my active time in the Stockholm Stuttering Association I was also a member of the Stockholm Disability Organization. Besides that I watched the stutterers´ interests, I became interested in the various handicaps. I trained to become a disability informant, with the result that I went into the schools and talked about various disabilities. Sometimes we could be two informants.                                        

Stig as the "Gomeo" in the play Gomeo & Hjulia.(Wheel)

The Wheel Theatre            
The commitment as a disability informant continued after that I stopped as the President of the Stockholm Association. I got the lead role as  "Gomeo" in play "Gomeo & Hjulia. The play was performed for over ten years.


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Lifetime membership         
This group, which for me was less demanding was very important. They were special and like me disabled but in a different way. The account taken was impressive. The uniqueness of the group is that a withdrawal takes place only at death. To me this is worth gold.


Sex and stuttering                 
Sex stands for something nice                  
What has happened was a change of attitude giving access to it without losing face. I grew up with the word forbidden words and it was ugly to utter them. Today it is fully accepted that everyone can have sex. We have noted this problem in the disability movement. I do not know if they have been discussing the situation of the stutterers. For the stuttering person it may involve an oral or written context that cannot be overcome. The small "insignificant" stuttering has suddenly become a disability.

Personal advertisement or singles club    
The most common way to get in touch today is probably via the "network.” Here the stutterer is relatively safe until it is time for a "date.” Single Clubs are a great way to break your loneliness.                                                                
There are those who claim that life is a journey. Who will be your companion is the question?










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